Sunday, March 30, 2008

Asheville Ghost Trolley

This week's adventure took us on the Asheville Ghost Trolley. Not quite as exciting as I would have hoped, especially for $20 per person, but it was a fun excuse to get out of the house and learn a little more about Asheville.

The tour guide was a guy who works with some organization in Asheville that actually studies paranormal activity, so he was quite knowledgeable about all of the grisly murders and related reports of apparitions.

But it was dark and gloomy outside and we stayed on the trolley the whole time so it was hard to see some of the buildings he was talking about. There's a walking ghost tour of downtown Asheville that I think we will take one of these days.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Getting out of the "office" - Lake Louise

I suppose it's a little sad that we had to actually put "do something fun" on our to-do list for us to actually leave the house. But, whatever works, right?

Yesterday, we went to Lake Louise, a little lake about 15 minutes out of Asheville. It was quite nice to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and a lovely scenic walk. We've committed to leaving the house at least once each week to do something fun and new.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Last minute Wordzzle

My Aunt Kathie has this great writing game that she's been posting on her blog on a weekly basis called Wordzzles. She gives out 10 random words and you have to write them into a paragraph. It's "due" every Saturday, so I'm getting mine in just under the wire this week! Here are this week's words:

horse shoe, antique chest, marigold, lunatic, science fiction, Oregon, previously, 10 billion, google, tree hugger

And here is my paragraph which is NOT a true story, of course....

10 Billion people in the world and I can't seem to avoid that lunatic tree-hugger from Oregon for a single day. Don't get me wrong, I want to save the environment too, but all I can do is my best. Working at Google has it's benefits. Last week, my whole team got to take a 3 hour lunch break to play horseshoes. And you get to work with the smartest people the planet has to offer. Interesting and fascinating people. The type of people who know the difference between great science fiction and Star Trek Deep Space 9. People who can look through an antique chest full of newspapers and have enough knowledge AND UNDERSTANDING of history to know the significance of what is printed on them. But the problem with geniuses is that they tend to be a little crazy. Like my friend from Oregon. I thought I'd enjoy a little sunshine on the lawn today and was lectured for 10 minutes about the marigold I stepped on. I won't even go into the lectures I've received previously.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

I work all the time

I guess I have decided to build websites for a living. At least for now. With all of my complaining about working with computers and in the high tech industry, you might think that this is torture for me. But actually, I am having so much fun that I work ALL the time! In fact, I get annoyed when I have to stop working to run errands, eat, watch a movie, or sleep.

My partner in life and work, John, was fortunate enough to lose his crappy job and now we stay home and build websites together. Since I enjoy nothing more than working on projects (of all kinds) with him, life is pretty exciting now that we work together on stuff we choose to work on. The vegangirl makeover was the first site we worked on together. Then we built foodscout, which we still marvel over.

Right now we are building a musician website for a friend of John's. And they are actually paying us money to do it! Not much, but still. We're getting great experience and we'll be able to feature it on our company website (whenever we put up a company website). We've actually got 4 other possible opportunities in the pipeline and we didn't even try.

What do you think of this tagline for our web company?

"We build websites that kick ass"