Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm a techno-geek

When I quit my software job in Dec 2006, supposedly for good, I never would have guessed what a total nerd I would eventually turn into. I realized it today when I was thinking about how many new technologies I wanted to learn but didn't have time for.

If you remember from my New Years Resolution, I am learning to write iPhone applications. I just got a great book on the subject which is helping me move along with it much faster. And I actually enjoy reading it. How creepy is that?

I've been having so much fun on facebook over the last several months that now I want to learn to write facebook applications. I hear it's not too difficult, but it's something I have to sit down and figure out....when I have time.

And then today, sci-fi came to life for me when I watched this video about prototype called Ubiquity. You just have to see it to understand.

Maybe I'm easily impressed, but I thought this was really cool. Apparently you can write simple little applications that plug into Ubiquity. Now I want to do that too.

I wasn't ever like this before. Not even when I first got into software. I did it for the paycheck and for the relaxed dress code. If gardening had paid as well, I would have done that instead. Now I do this stuff in my spare time for no pay. Life is funny.