Tuesday, March 6, 2007


After years of talking about it, I finally bought a digital camera! I paid $50 for it to some college kid who got two digital cameras for Christmas. Rough life, eh? Right about now, my Aunt Kathie is doing the dance of joy over the fact that I can now send her pictures of EVERYTHING! Even if you are reading this months after I posted it, she is probably still dancing.

This is my wonderfully tiny apartment! Yeah, that's most of it. It's a studio with a loft.

There's my kitchen filled with all my raw food appliances.

And my fake fireplace that my dog immediately turned into his favorite bed.

This is the yoga studio where I take Power Yoga class a couple of times per week. That's right, I signed up for more classes! I just can't live without my power yoga.

But mostly, I seem to take lots and lots of pictures of the animals. Even though they've been doing the same old crap for years, I still find them as painfully cute as if I were seeing them for the first time. That's how they keep the food coming.

This is my dog, Midget. I didn't name him and I'm sorry. Sometimes when strangers on the street ask me what his name is, I tell them it's Emmet. That would have been a much better choice.

Most of the time, Midget looks nervous or sad.

My beloved Gregory cuddles with me every night.

My sweet Simon has always been a big hit at parties.

Gregory and Simon showed up at my apartment together as strays nearly 12 years ago. They have remained constants in my life through many different homes, jobs, boyfriends, and personalities.

Raw food dish of the week - Corn Bread

I cannot believe how incredibly delicious this is.

Corn bread: ground flax seeds, almonds, cashews, pine nuts, frozen corn, agave nectar, Celtic sea salt, and garlic.

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Aunt Kathie said...


It has only been a few weeks but I AM still euphoric and eagerly waiting for more photos.

I think you are awesomely talented and I love you...

Aunt Kathie