Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Blogging is a full time job

When I was writing my post about the updates last week, I was privately referring to that post as the "Vegan Girl Launch Party". I was excited about making it look so nice, but I had not planned on doing much with the site beyond that. I'm busy with another project right now and didn't have any interest in maintaining another website.

But I did plan to eventually start posting some articles to see what kind of traffic I could get. I thought I'd start with some small goals - maybe 100 unique visitors a day and $1/day in ad revenue. Previously, I was getting maybe 10-15 visitors per day. So last week, I pressed the "post" button, and didn't give it much more thought.

When I checked my stats the next morning, I was absolutely shocked to find that I'd had 153 unique visitors! Thank you, High Tech Survivor readers, for taking the time to follow the link to new site! Yeah right!!! Exactly 4 people came from this blog last week on "opening day". So how on Earth did all of my visitors find my site?

I'm not pointing any fingers, but someone (Aunt Kathie) posted a link to my site on something called StumbleUpon. I've been a member for a few days now and I can't figure out what the hell the site does or how to use it. But apparently, it is very popular.

So, I figured, what the hell. I guess I may as well throw a new post out there and see if I can keep this momentum up. I wrote an article about Ron Paul, which "The Ron Paul Girl" promptly posted on her site. Blamo! 179 visitors. And the traffic kept coming for a few days from that one. I posted another article that got on - 202 unique visitors.

So on the one hand, my goal of 100 visitors/day turned out to be way too easy. On the other hand, this damn vegangirl blog is taking over my life! Now I feel obliged to write a new post every couple of days so that people will come back and not forget about me. And that promise I made to you all a few weeks ago about not checking statistics more than 2 times per day? Forget that. I now check my stats more often than I blink.

So far this past week, I've been getting an average of 50 cents a day from AdSense on vegangirl. Not too shabby. I'm spending an absurd amount of time learning about all of this new-fangled technology that I should probably have already know about. And of course I am still tweaking the WordPress layout and features. So, all-in-all, I'm getting paid about $.04/hour.

I truly hope that my daily life is focused around something else by next week.

Raw recipe of the week - Yeah Right

Oh, who knows when I will get around to making food again. I'm very busy!

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