Saturday, November 10, 2007

Leaves fall in Asheville

I haven't experience a real fall since I left New York state to go to college in Texas almost 15 years ago (yes, it really has been that long). In Texas, people joked, we had two seasons: green season and brown season.

In Seattle, I suppose a few trees actually turned red and yellow and were kind of pretty. It was very similar to autumn. People there certainly insisted that they had a "real fall."

Yesterday, I looked out my front door at the always beautiful tree-lined street, and it was raining leaves! Beautiful gold, orange, and red leaves, fluttering to the street below. So amazing!

I know, it's no New Hampshire or even New York. But it was definitely an honest to God fall.

Raw food recipe of the week - Turkey Loaf

I made this for an early Thanksgiving raw food potluck. People were bringing the stuffing, the mashed potatoes, the pumpkin pie, but no one was brining the turkey! This is a very simple recipe from Living on Live Food, by Alissa Cohen. The recipe didn't call for dehydrating it but I thought it would be better with a hint of crispiness on the outside.

Turkey loaf: Pumpkin seeds, cashews, Brazil nuts, celery, scallions, and dried sage, blended well in a food processor, formed into a loaf, and dehydrated at 105 degrees for 6 hours.

Cranberry sauce: Fresh cranberries, agave nectar, blended in the food processor. Excess liquid drained.


SnoopMurph said...

Hey Diana, how are you? I am nerding around the blogs while I am home sick with a cold.

I love the fall picture-who knew that NC would have such great color? I really miss that. Basically our leaves have turned from brown to browner.

The turkey loaf looks...interesting! How did it taste?

hightechsurvivor said...

So sorry you are sick. Make sure to drink lots of water and stay away from all sugar! Sugar will squash your immune system, allowing the cold to strengthen.

I thought the turkey loaf was too bland. Maybe it would have been better with some mushroom gravy. The consistency was pretty good. Sort of like stuffing. But another woman at the potluck just loved it, so I guess it wasn't too bad.