Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Feng Shui Fountain on the Cheap

About a year ago, I was browsing my neighborhood thrift store (which sadly is going out of business) and I found this fantastic copper pot for $7. I had just been shopping for a copper table fountain around that time which were about $2-300. Ouch!

About 3 months ago my hot water heater blew up and needed to be replaced to the tune of about $500. Knowing that I had the perfect fountain bowl, I asked the guy installing my water heater to please save all the little pieces of copper pipe that were being trimmed.

And finally, in April, John kindly bought me a fountain pump for my birthday as a little incentive to get that thing built. Feeling motivated, we went to the hardware store and picked up a couple of copper pipe connector thingies.

Voila! A fountain! It only cost us about $40 total and it looks cooler than most of the ones I found online.

According to our feng shui expert, having "water features" in the house was supposed to help our finances, which is good because I've been REALLY broke. I'm not going to assert that one definitely caused the other but I will tell you with complete honesty and no sarcasm that the money has been flowing as consistently as my little fountain.

Starting from the day I plugged that thing in about 3 weeks ago, I've gotten several checks in the mail from new clients as well as old clients who had overdue bills. Then I got a good job offer in Asheville, for a job I had applied for last December with no success. And just this week I find out that I am going to inherit several thousand dollars from a relative that I didn't know had any assets to bequeath.

Apparently water features don't work the same for everyone though. So don't go putting one in your livingroom thinking it will make you rich. For you, it could cause you to go broke or make your hair fall out or something. I made that up, but seriously, it doesn't work the same for everyone.

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Raven said...

Beautiful! And I'm glad the money is flowing with the fountain.

I Love You,
Aunt Kathie