Wednesday, December 27, 2006

What now?

The fact that I have avoided blogs because I can't stand the thought of sitting at a computer long enough to post anything should tell you something about how my career as a software developer has been going. Mind-numbing, soul-sucking job after mind-numbing, soul-sucking job. I've worked for some great companies, but I just don't really like computers that much.

I was visiting my family for Thanksgiving, laptop in tow, so I could work remotely on a project that wasn't going well and that I cared nothing about. My niece asked me to color with her. "In a few minutes. I'm working right now."

I was "working" on my resignation email to my boss. I would color as soon as I hit the "send" button. Yeah, that's right. I quit in an email. I know it's lame but it was either that, or continue to suffer in my job for another 6 months because I'm too wimpy to have even a minimally uncomfortable conversation. At least I know my limitations.

My last day came and went last week. I have no job lined up, no idea what I want to do for money, and I don't care. I couldn't stay in that job another day. I can't spend any more time and energy on things that suck the soul right out of me.

I have some ideas of what to do, both short term (make a pie) and long term (move to Durham and buy a duplex). But I am really hoping to rediscover who I am supposed to be when I'm not chained to a computer for 35-50 hours a week.

So far, my biggest accomplishment since I stopped working has been this christmas card.

Sorry if I didn't send you a copy. I'm sure I meant to.

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Aunt Kathie said...

It is, of course, possible that I am somewhat biased, but I think you have a magnificent soul which has never been lost and is in no danger of being lost. It has perhaps been living in cramped quarters of late, not getting the creative exercise it's big, creative, amazing, awesome self deserves, but it is well and shines out from you to everyone you meet. (Boy, aren't effusive aunts just too embarrasing?)

Congrats on quitting the job you hate. I look forward to hearing and reading about your journey of self-discovery. You make me pround and you give me joy and....

I Love You,