Tuesday, January 2, 2007

I hate computers
and other positive thoughts for the new year

One of the best parts of my job was having a really great laptop with tons of power, disk space, and a team of people ready to fix anything that went wrong with it Monday through Friday.

My beloved iBook has been a modest but trusted friend for over three years now. Over the last few months it has gotten slow and crabby. Programs hang and webpages take so long to load that it is sometimes completely unusable. But what did I care? I had my work laptop to fall back on. No longer.

After arguing with my iBook for a good two hours this morning, I finally decided to reboot. Now it won't even start up. It really showed me a thing or two with that one.

So here I am, at home with nothing but free time to do whatever I want. And no computer. No computer??? There was a time when that was just normal life. Now I can't imagine a single thing I would want to do that doesn't involve using a computer for something. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise. Hating computers while at the same time being totally addicted to them isn't the healthiest of combinations.

This post was going to be about my list of New Year's resolutions, so I will prove to myself that I can continue to live life even without my beloved iBook by posting them, as planned. Here they are:
  1. Make one new raw food recipe every week
  2. Fast for at least 24 hours once per month
  3. Travel to two new places this year
  4. If SideCar sells it, buy it there
  5. Stop eating when I'm full
Not sure how I'll buy plane tickets to travel to new places, find out how to fast without killing myself, or check the bus schedule to get to SideCar without the all-knowing, all-seeing internet, but I'll have to muddle through.

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2007!

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Cindy said...

For #3, next time you are here, we will go someplace other than my yard and Tucson. Love they blog