Friday, August 31, 2007

Fun is just around the corner

I am blessed to live just a couple of beautiful tree-lined blocks from our community food co-op, the best video store ever, and an award-winning hair salon that I have yet to check out, despite my desperate need for a haircut.

The Balloon FairyThis past weekend was the co-op's 5th Birthday. They celebrated in typical Asheville style with face-painting, balloon animals, and a fantastic bluegrass band. A great highlight of the evening was when the President of the co-op joined in with her harmonica. The sense of community is so strong here.

I've noticed myself falling into my regular reclusive tendencies of staying in my comfy home instead of making the effort to join friends in whatever they've invited me to. But when the fun is just around the corner, count me in.

Raw food recipe of the week - Apple Pie

Not too shabby. The cool thing about this recipe is that I didn't actually follow a recipe. I morphed ideas from two different recipes in order to use ingredients I already had on hand. And it actually tasted pretty good!

Crust: Almond meal, dates, agave nectar.

Filling: Apples, figs, dates, cinnamon, and vanilla.

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