Friday, August 17, 2007

Maybe I don't hate building software, per se

I think I've made it pretty clear that I hate working with computers, I hate spending 30-40 hours a week chained to a computer, staring into monitors, creating technical solutions that only matter to some executive jackass who doesn't even use the internet. It's so mind-numbing that I actually tried to find a job doing anything else - dog groomer, waitress, receptionist - but no one would have me.

I'm now surprised to find that not only am I still spending 30-40 hours a week at a software job, but that I am also spending almost all of my personal time building a web application at home. Even more shocking is the fact that I am having so much fun doing it.

My work day is infinitely more painful now because I can't stop thinking about how much I could be getting done on my own project if I weren't stuck wasting so much time on some executive brain fart.

Raw food dish of the week - Dill cream cheese dip

My recipes lately have been pretty simple and unexciting. The house and work and whatnot have kept me busy, but I'm not one to abandon my New Years resolutions, so I've been finding easy recipes to try. Hopefully they will start getting more interesting again soon.

Ingredients: Cashews, water, dill, herbamare.

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Cindy said...

And the money is potentially kick ass. Of course, I think I want to leave computers too and here I am, obviously wasting time that could be used for things I would rather be doing. Ahhh, the internet.