Saturday, May 26, 2007

So long, Seattle

Tomorrow is the big day. I've shipped most of my stuff via USPS and I've got the rest all packed up for the drive down. It goes without saying that there are people in Seattle, who have had a tremendous impact on my life, that I will miss terribly. I haven't loved Seattle, but there are a few other things that I will miss:

1 - the amazing view of downtown when I walk my dog around the neighborhood
2 - Mt. Ranier, when it is actually visible
3 - Jill's life-affirming yoga and giddy wisdom
4 - the most beautiful summers ever

But there are some other things that I am looking forward to getting away from:

1 - the insane housing prices
2 - the loooong gloomy cold winters
3 - the "Seattle freeze" (yes, it's real)

Seattle is a neat city and actually has quite a lot more good things to offer, but most of them I can get in Asheville. Right now, I am so sick of packing the endless piles of crap that I just want to go already.

Raw food dish of the week - Mango banana pudding

I needed to make something easy and quick for my going away potluck, in the midst of all the packing. I pretty much made this up, but it was wildly popular.

Ingredients: Fresh mango, dehydrated mango, bananas, blended well. Sliced bananas mixed in, with mint leaves for garnish.

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