Sunday, May 27, 2007

Travel log: Seattle to Asheville

Sunday, May 27
Not quite the smooth start I was looking forward to. Started at 3 PM instead of 10 AM. That's ok, since 10 AM had been a totally arbitrary deadline anyway. We didn't get as far as Mercer Island before my cat, Simon, started puking, pooping, and pissing in his carrier. I had to clean something up at least once an hour from 3 PM until 10 PM when we pulled into a nice little hotel in Kellogg, Idaho. But the drive was stunning, and I'm excited to be out of Washington state and on my way to my new home.

Monday, May 28
I'm in Billings, Montana which is kind of a shithole town. But the state of Montana is absolutely gorgeous. Every mile of it. I was hoping to get to Wyoming tonight but we didn't hit the road until 11 AM. Sleeping in was great.

Tuesday, May 29
I've entered the part of the country where the best you can expect to hear on the radio is adult soft hits or 70s cock rock classics. The food got a whole lot worse too. But the drive is still pretty. I passed by a whole lot of national treasures and landmarks today, but didn't feel like stopping at any of them. I'm just about half-way through my trip, in Oacoma, South Dakota.

Wednesday, May 30
I was hoping to make it to Columbia, Missouri today, but we stopped short in Boonville due to some serious rain. We're staying at a total dump called the QT Inn, which is right next door to an adult video store. I'm pretty sure the hotel manager is staggering drunk.

Friday, June 1
Home, sweet home! We rolled into Asheville at about 11 PM last night. The last 45 minutes were extremely stressful - driving along narrow winding mountain roads, in the dark, rain, and fog. On the plus side, the cats totally lost hope that they would ever get out of their carriers and they settled in, made themselves comfortable, and slept for most of the day. The incessant yowling finally stopped.


Asa said...

You should try only feeding him at night if you aren't doing that already. Have a safe trip!

hightechsurvivor said...

Thanks! I actually did try that last night and Simon was way better today.

Cindy said...

Boonville seems like an appropriate name.