Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'm a registered Republican

If you are very very quiet and listen very very closely, you will hear the sound of my Aunt Kathie's heart breaking at this shocking news. But yes, this tree-hugging, raw food vegan, hippie girl did just register as a Republican in order to vote for Ron Paul in the presidential primary.

I hate politics. I am so tired of the string of lies and bullshit that comes from Washington on a daily basis. I don't even watch or read the news anymore, but all their garbage still manages to reach me somehow.

Then along comes Ron Paul. He's remarkably honest and principled. His platform is simple - follow the constitution and keep the federal government out of the people's business and out of the world's business. Even more remarkable is that his 20 year congressional voting record actually supports his positions 100%. He voted against the war and against the Patriot Act.

This country doesn't just need to leave Iraq, or fix the health care system. This country needs a MAJOR overhaul. To be honest, I'm uncomfortable with some of Ron Paul's positions, such as on abortion and global warming. But he truly stands up for the freedom that we are supposed to enjoy, and I believe that is what this country needs right now more than anything else.

Please, Aunt Kathie, you know that in my heart, I will never be a Republican. I just want my constitution back.

Raw food dish of the week - Cinnamon Rolls

This was so much fun to make! And not nearly as complicated as you might expect. You can find the full recipe here. They were said to be "awesome!" and "f***ing delicious!".

Dough: Almond meal, ground flax seeds, olive oil, dates, water, Celtic sea salt, and cayenne pepper

Filling: Dates, apricots, cinnamon, water, walnuts

Frosting: Cashews, water, agave nectar, orange, and vanilla bean


Aunt Kathie said...


Ok... my heart DID stop... and I'm still uneasy, but I love you in any case and I have been impressed with some of Ron Paul's statements too. He seems to be the only Republican candidate with a brain and I think was one of the few who believes that evolution is real, so if you are going to register Republican and vote for him in the primaries, I can live with it.

Do study the Democratic ticket, though.

We do need a rebirth in this country. Maybe that will be the gift in ugly wrapping paper from the Bush administration - that we begin as a nation to appreciate how lucky we have been and to reclaim our principles.

You are, as always, awesome and,

I Love You,
Aunt Kathie

Cindy said...

Well, at least you have a good reason. Maybe if the Republican party actually held onto what the party is supposed to be about I would be one too. But I am not ready to defect yet....

Joaquin said...

nice post. I sure hope it happens for Dr. Ron. On the other hand, I can't wrap my mind around uncooked cinnamon rolls. I have no oven, so naturally, I am intrigued.

Joaquin said...

link not working for those cinnamon rolls. forget the election and America's future, I want some cookless cinnamon rolls!! :)

hightechsurvivor said...

Oops! Thanks Joaquin. I fixed the link.