Friday, June 8, 2007

Life in Asheville

I've been in Asheville just over a week but I already feel quite at home. Things are all falling right in line for me.

I started my new job this week and so far I love it. Yes, it's still high tech, but instead of corporate middle managers, cubicles, and office politics, I go to work whenever I feel like it, in a big old house, and enjoy meetings on breezy porches with barefoot hippie coworkers and various cats and dogs running through.

I am buying a house! I found the cutest house, in a fantastic location, for less than my budget. How perfect is that? If all goes well, I will be moving in in a month.

Otherwise, life is blissfully mellow and I've almost completely divorced myself from the mountain of responsibilities I had in Seattle. The hardest adjustment is slowing down the frantic mental pace that is still leftover from my high-tech city life.

If I've gotten this much out of just my first week here, I can't wait to see what happens next week.

Raw food dish of the week - Halvah

Surprisingly delicious and very much as I remember halvah tasting.

Ingredients: Raw sesame tahini, shredded coconut, agave nectar. Mixed together and set in freezer for two hours.

It was supposed to be dehydrated for 6 hours first but my beloved dehydrator broke in the move! I just need a new fan. If it isn't still under warranty, it will be very cheap and simple to fix. Bummer though.


hightechsurvivor said...

More joy....

I just got $230 and a free phone for signing up for new cell phone service.

Aunt Kathie said...

Hi There!

Finally updated my log-in to the new one.

Your house is beautiful. And you are the only person I know who can go shopping and come home with a profit. Awesome as always.

I Love You,
Aunt Kathie

DSK said...

Hey, I came upon your blog from your old website. Glad you are loving Asheville!