Sunday, January 13, 2008

7 Weird things about me

I was "tagged" by my sister to tell 7 weird things about myself. I could pretend to be one of those people who hates these personal surveys and does them only begrudgingly, but the truth is that I actually love them. It feeds my self-indulgent side.

1 - I live in near constant fear that I smell bad - either B.O. or bad breath.

2 - I used to sometimes eat vegan dog biscuits as a snack, until I decided to cut back on processed food.

3 - I don't like for anyone to look at my toes. When I was a kid, I would keep them covered at all times, even in front of family.

4 - I enjoy paying bills.

5 - During the 8 years I worked in corporate high-tech, I saved money like crazy because I was always sure that I'd get fired for incompetence.

6 - I stopped believing in God when I was about 6 or 7 years old. I have no idea why I thought to question it. I still enjoyed going to church and singing the hymns for years afterwards.

7 - I bought myself a symbol that will grant me passage on the Biaviian mothership.

OK, so now I have to tag someone else. David (DSK), I'm tagging you. Join in the fun if you wish.


Cindy said...

I will never forget the toe thing. I also live in the same constant fear at work, even though my boss constantly tells me how happy he is that I work there and what a great job I do.

Aunt Kathie said...

I wonder if insecurity is genetic...

I have that same anxiety about smelling bad... and of course I have a pass to the mother ship too, thanks to you.

I stopped believing in God at about the same age you did and then I changed my mind much later in life, though I don't believe in the Church's idea of god... so from some perspectives I guess, I don't REALLY believe in God.

I Love You,
Aunt Kathie

SnoopMurph said...

Hi there! I love filling out these surveys too. Sometimes I get to really think about the things I do or believe.

I am chuckling over the toe show. I cannot WAIT to get into sandals for the summer. After being in AZ, I have grown the love for open-toed shoes.

You know, my husband, love him, but notoriously for bad breath. I am on his case all the time. But then I realize I ate the same thing for dinner and start doing the smell test on myself.

I don't believe in God now, although I grew up in church, went to a Christian college (probably where I finally started thinking for myself) and now I am happy as a very, very beginner Buddhist. I love to meditate and find simple truths, over feeling horrendous guilt.

DSK said...

Well, thanks for giving me the chance to embarass myself! I have made my list on my blog.

Matt Kantor said...

God? whats that? What if you think your feet smell bad?