Friday, April 6, 2007

Back from Peru

I just returned from two weeks in beautiful fascinating Peru! I know everyone just wants to see pictures and doesn't want to read a bunch of crap, so here's photos of the highlights. Click a photo for a larger view.

Vegetarian Restaurants
There are so many vegetarian restaurants in Peru that I found almost all of them by chance. They are everywhere. There are several others in Cusco and Lima that I never found.

El Encuentro in Cusco - great Peruvian food Moni in Cusco - awesome food Govinda in Cusco - Hare Krishna restaurant - not that good Greens Organic in Cusco - didn't have a chance to try it
Aquarium in Cusco - it was never open
Govinda in Machu Picchu - only veg restaurant in town
El Paraiso in Lima - Yum Vida Sana in Lima - not great but ok

Ollantaytambo ruins
There are Incan ruins all over Peru. Some people theorize that some of the more impressive structures are pre-Incan, created by a civilization that was extremely advanced.

Double-framed doors mark important rooms hole in the wall for enhancing sound perfectly carved stone The town of Ollantay is built directly on top of Incan ruins perfectly carved stone wall agricultural terraces

Machu Picchu ruins
Machu Picchu is huge and amazing and impossible to comprehend.

Machu Picchu ruins and Waynapicchu mountain
agricultural terraces more terraces perfectly carved rock moon temple

Saksaywaman ruins
This was the most impressive of all the ruins just because of the size of the stones and the complexity of how they all fit together. It is also full of strange and perfect carvings in the rock.

HUGE door huge stones fit perfectly together seats carved into the rock seats carved into the rock

Other ruins
The first two are from the ruins at P'isaq, known as the Temple of the Sun. The second two are from Moray, theorized to be an agricultural center for learning or experimentation. The last picture is an unidentified illuminated object flying around Saturn from NASA's website. Looks suspiciously like the Moray terraces.

Temple of the SunInca tombs Moray - steps between terraces Agricultural terraces at Moray Some say all these ruins were built by aliens

Andean school
I can't find the name of the town but this school is located in the mountains at 12,300 feet. The school was built and funded with tremendous assistance from Wilka Tilka, the retreat center where we were staying. Some of the kids walk 2 hours each way to get to the school.

chickens hanging out in the school yard
too young for school - just hanging out alone
a woman selling handmade textiles
a large house in the village
children in class

Gourmet raw food
We received three gourmet raw meals a day, prepared by Matt Samuelson who has worked as Woody Harrelson's personal chef. The food was always fabulous. He swears he is coming out with a recipe book one of these days.

burgers with all the fixins
Middle Eastern - hummus, cucumber salad, olive tapenade, etc
Zucchini spaghetti with pesto or marinara
Cacao banana pie
Desserts - chocolate cheesecake, halva with mango-coconut swirl, kiwi-lime pie

Scenic views

Random stuff

Lydia, of Lydia's Organics, just happened to be in Peru. An Andean healer walked 2 days over 4 snow-capped mountain peaks to do a fire ceremony and coca leaf readings. A low-tech cactus security fence. A bicycle used to pick up the city garbage in Cusco. A woman and child selling textiles outside Cusco. Trash cans for organic waste are all over Peru.

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