Saturday, April 21, 2007

Don't believe a word of this

I desperately wanted to write about something else. Anything else. I've searched my brain, trying to think of other things going on in my life. Unfortunately, I have done so little this week other than obsess over this, that I have nothing else to write about.

I'm moving to Asheville, North Carolina. No, really. I've got plane tickets to go visit in a couple of weeks, I've got a phone interview lined up for next week, I've been looking into moving costs and apartments for rent. I won't say I'm definitely 100% going to move there, but the likelihood is very high. It's the absolute perfect place for me.

Have I been there? Oh, no, but I did the next best thing - I read a Wikipedia page about it! It says,
Asheville pops up on national rankings for a variety of things: Modern Maturity named it one of "The 50 Most Alive Places To Be," AmericanStyle Magazine called it one of "America's Top 25 Arts Destinations," Self Magazine labeled it the "Happiest City for Women," it is one of AARP Magazine's "Best Places to Reinvent Your Life," and was proclaimed the "New Freak Capital of the U.S." by Rolling Stone. Asheville has also been called "a New Age Mecca" by CBS News' Eye On America, and named the "most vegetarian-friendly" small city in America.
Well, shee-it, that's all I needed to hear!

The downside to Asheville, is that the cost of living is way higher than Durham and there are almost no jobs that I am qualified for. On the plus side, I applied for the only two software jobs in town and I got interviews with both of them.

*Sigh* Yes, I said software jobs. Well, I have to do something for money and it's either that or I apply for a job at the new strip club opening up in town.

Raw food dish of the week - Sausage

The flavor is surprisingly sausage-like. Or at least it's vegan-sausage-like. I don't remember what real sausage tastes like. The texture of this could be better. Maybe I shouldn't have blended it quite so well.

Ingredients: Portobella mushrooms, cashews, sprouted wheat berries, olive oil, fresh sage, fresh basil, marjoram, garlic, Bragg Liquid Aminos, Celtic sea salt, cayenne.

Blended in the food processor, and dehydrated at 105 degrees for 7 hours.


Christine Kane said...

I just googled "personal chef raw food asheville, nc" and found your blog. so - hey - you could always move to asheville and create a wildly successful business with all of your terrific creations here!

Diana said...

Thanks, Christine! I'm already down here in Asheville. Not selling raw food, but eating plenty of it and loving it all the same.