Monday, April 30, 2007

Rattling around in my head

I've always had these images that rattle around in my head. Drawings I would draw....paintings I would paint.....if only I knew how. Sometimes they are from a vivid dream that disturbed me. Often times they are representations of how I see myself at the time.

Another one came to me yesterday. My first thought was "I need to learn to draw better so I can get this one down." My second thought was, "I don't need to draw better. Now is the time."

The way to learn to do anything is to just do it. I have this idea that by next year, my art will be hanging in some coffee shop in Asheville (or wherever I end up). I wrote it here for the world to see so now I have to follow through.

"The hardest thing about being an artist, is doing it with a straight face." ~ (Name withheld to protect the cynical)

Raw food dish of the week - Chocolates!

Ingredients: Cacao powder, cacao butter, dark agave nectar. Some chocolates also contain wild jungle peanuts or shredded coconut.


Jon Bell said...

Holy crap, you can draw!

Great work.

Asa said...

Those chocolates were good! Thank you - and Midget is having a blast, although he does miss you.